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Amiata - Arts and Crafts - Michele Belloni

Arts & Crafts

“Who works with his hands is a worker. Who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. Who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

– San Francesco d’Assisi –
The Project

In Amiata, a mountain between the Maremma and the Val D’Orcia, in one of the most beautiful Tuscan areas, there are ever more numerous jobs that must give way to productive activities and the abandonment of these ancient crafts produces incalculable cultural damage, depriving the historical centers of traditional references.

The City That Make You Pass Out

Naples - Michele Belloni
Naples, Italy.

I find in the Neapolitan people the most brilliant and vibrant industry, not to get rich, but to live without occupation.”

– Johann Wolfgang Goethe –

Every time I go back to Naples it’s like a dive without a parachute in a reality far away from any other social situation I’ve seen in Italy: noble neighborhoods like Vomero mingle with the spanish ones, and the poor, of Sanità. Right here, in Sanità, back in 2003 I made my first social reportage to denounce the state of abandonment and degradation that gripped those streets.

Under My Skin

Under My Skin - Anorexia - Michele Belloni Photographer

A Story About Anorexia

“It’s because they are devoured by an absolute hunger for love that they do not accept food as a material substitute for love itself.”

It all started on a summer Sunday. I was at home cleaning it all when I heard the Mac in the bedroom that was constantly ringing: it was from Facebook chat. After a recent publication on National Geographic, my social networks went crazy and I reached maximum amount of allowed connections on Facebook in less than a month.

The Market

Porta Portese Flea Market - Documentary Photographer Michele Belloni

Porta Portese Flea Market, Rome (Italy)

“They are there, as monuments of Rome, with a very short time, they hear and see everything.”

Born in 1945 as a flea market, Porta Portese is today the most famous and popular non-food market in Rome. Located in the heart of the Italian capital, it still keeps on Sunday morning and despite the abandonment and degradation of the area, locals and tourists spend hours searching for the day’s deal.

Earthquake in Italy

Earthquake in Italy - L'Aquila (Abruzzo) - Michele Belloni

“Nature has a myriad of weapons to combat human arrogance.”

― Wayne Gerard Trotman

Writing about the city of L’Aquila today, witness through photography the city that rises, the city hostage of new town’s precariousness and the city where time has stopped the night of April 6, 2009. Give a voice and a face to L’Aquila that reacts and struggle, day after day, with civil stubbornness, to maintain social cohesion and get again its territories, its lost identity, crushed by the earthquake.

About me

About me

I'm an Italian photographer since 1999. I’ve been published on some of the most known magazine and worked with brands like National Geographic, Geo Magazine, Getty Images, Leica, Nikon, EyesOpen, Street Photography Magazine, Edge Of Humanity, La Repubblica, Il Tempo, Il Messaggero, Il Corriere Della Sera.