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Photographic Travel Tips IV

Myanmar - Michele Belloni Nikon NPs - Travel Tips

Once we arrive at our destination, however tired of the journey we will certainly be eager to start photographing. Let’s not do it. The first hours, if not the first days, are crucial to discover the local customs and traditions, to understand where and how to move in peace, thus avoiding unexpected events and problems.

Photographic Travel Tips III

Travel Tips Transportation - Michele Belloni Nikon NPS

International flights and local transportation are the most expensive part of your journey’s organization. Take the cheaper and quickest flights booking early: plane tickets jump in price during the final three weeks before departure and some online services like Google Flights and Kayak give you a price prediction if ticket prices will increase, decrease, or remain the same.

Photographic Travel Tips – II

Travel Tips - Climate - Michele Belloni Nikon NPS

The best time to visit the desired destination (in relation to our photo project) will have to be studied with extreme caution. For real-time forecasts and weather conditions, simply consult the usual international sites such as Weather.com or Accuweather, while on the local institutional sites we will find advice and information on the climate in the various months of the year.

Photographic Travel Tips – 1

Travel Tips - Michele Belloni Nikon NPS Photographer

Before you can even begin to learn how to take the best pictures while on the road, you need to know a few things about the actual traveling part of the travel photography.

Leaving for a photographic journey means, from my point of view, having a precise project in mind made up of an environment, a subject, a story.

How To Approach People On The Street

How To Approach People In Photography

Documentary photography involves and thrill photographer and the observer capturing unique, funny, tense moments of a fraction of daily life.

But what is it that, actually, makes photographers like Steve McCurryDavid Alan Harvey or William Albert Allard (just to name few) unique during their travels around the world? The photographed subjects, often real photographs of genuine people posing and casually met just moments before.

Wide Angle Street Photography

Travel photography is perhaps the highest form of free interpretation of what is today’s society.

The way to achieve moments of real life is always a free choice of the photographer but with experience we understand which lenses are most suitable than others. Although, at times, it is interesting to see the so-called “street portraits”, in my opinion they should not be more than 5% of the overall service that you take home. The rest of your shooting, I think, need to be created with a wideangle lens.

About me

About me

I'm an Italian photographer since 1999. I’ve been published on some of the most known magazine and worked with brands like National Geographic, Geo Magazine, Getty Images, Leica, Nikon, EyesOpen, Street Photography Magazine, Edge Of Humanity, La Repubblica, Il Tempo, Il Messaggero, Il Corriere Della Sera.